Do you get to a point in life of giving up on finding mr or ms right?

I have dated lots of guys.  I have given my heart away and its been broken many times.  I have been hurt and I am sure I have hurt others…other people seem to find ‘true love’ or do they?…I know I would rather be on my own than settle with a ‘he will do’ guy because I want kids, or because I think I should.

So my question today is…do we get to a certain age or stage of our life where we just go…enough is enough…I can’t handle any more heart ache, any more disappointments, any more hassle…I am not going to bother anymore…and in doing that, do we seal our fate to being single, or being an old maid, a bachelor, whatever you want to describe it as, from thereon in?

I can completely understand the whole, giving up thing on finding love.  Especially as you get older, life has its own extra challenges, and you just think…why bother bringing anymore drama into my life…you see other people’s relationships who are filled with drama and stress and you think, I do not want any of that…so you choose to be content on your own.

Maybe it is is just a temporary way of feeling after a breakup…but i do wonder subconsciously do we actually decide…to give up…or try again sometime in the future…

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